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Don’t Be Weird

Keeping Alcohol On Track

Spring is here nation; we made it through yet another winter, and for yet another winter you…

Author: Rob Exline

Ep 659 – Explosive Plyometric Progression

How to build your explosivity from the ground up! There is a right way to increase an…

Author: John

Ep 657 – Trick or Train Costume Q&A

STARTING DEFENSE, PLACE AT THE TABLE!!! Happy Halloween, Power Athlete Nation! Swap treats for meats as the…

Author: John

Ep 625 – Bulking on a Budget

Discover the best bang for your buck proteins and carbs to attack your training. Money is tight…

Author: John

Ep 617 – Leaning Peak for Beach Week

Discover how much protein you need to hit your beach bod goal. It’s finally swimsuit season and…

Author: John

Ep 605 – Eating More & Leaning Out

Discover the right way to put on lean body mass. Starving yourself is not how you accomplish…

Author: John

Ep 597 – Alcohol Killing Your Leaning Buzz?

“Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of your nutrition and leaning goal problems” There is…

Author: John

Cranberry Bourbon Christmas Cocktail

Having to deal with the in laws or your sugar high children? Try this festive boozy Christmas…

Ep 569 – Don’t Be Weird this Holiday Season

“A little naughty, a little nice, it’s all about balance.” Winter is coming, the most delicious time…

Author: John

Intentional Eating – The Key to Mastering Nutrition

Born from a blog written by Power Athlete CEO John Welbourn, the Power Athlete Diet is arguably…

Author: Ben Skutnik