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Training For Sport Is Training For War

The new physical training test will require a complete change in the way Soldiers execute their daily Physical Training activities. Instead of practicing their push ups and sit-ups and holding the current standard on the run, Soldiers will be required to train to be stronger, faster, and better movers.

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 246: Jose Sanchez

USMC Veteran, Jose Luis Sanchez, talks turning war tragedy into a love for helping others.
Power Athlete Radio – Episode 246

Author: Cali Hinzman

PA Radio – Episode 226: The Crew

Skill Transfer is Sexy We talk a lot about the lifecycle of an athlete as it refers…

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PA Radio – Episode 218: Jeff Gonzales

Open Mind, Empty Cup Everyone needs a Jeff Gonzales in their life. A proficient firearms instructor with…

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PA Radio – Episode 217: Brent Phillips

training with purpose This week we exchange some good old fashioned shit talking with SOFLETE [@sofletehq] founder,…

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PA Radio – Episode 215: Rudy Reyes

 Fighting Tyranny. If Chuck Norris were better looking and more lethal, he’d just barely touch the awesome…

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PA Radio – Episode 135: Brad Snyder

  The Definition of Adversity. Brad Snyder joins us on this week’s holiday episode of Power Athlete…

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