the basics


Our blog is a collection of articles that make up our doctrine on everything performance.

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the basics

Unf*ck Your Breathing: The Mechanics

“In my class today, we were discussing avoiding the Valsalva maneuver when lifting and cueing clients to…

Author: Ben Skutnik

Speed Program Training Integration

Power Athlete’s Speed Program has been flying off TrainHeroic‘s virtual shelves and we’ve received a number of emails…

Author: John

How to Start a Summer Sports Camp

This year I have just started my forth year of running a Summer Sports Camp at CrossFit South Bend. As I look back…

Author: Carl Case

Why Percentages Don’t Work

Just kidding, they do, but if you’re basing you or your clients’ training off percentages of a…

Author: Levi Garrett

4 Magic Movements to Fix Your Squat

There is a wrong way to squat. And you’re probably doing it wrong. Determining right vs. wrong…

Author: John


A few years ago I was approached by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to design…

Author: John

The MMA Diet: Fuel the Fight

Put down the fitness magazine and pay attention to what I am about to tell you about…

Author: Tyler Minton