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Novice Athlete

Ep 635 – Stop 1RM Testing Teens

Discover the key components of unlocking athletic potential to empower a high school athlete’s performance. A tradition…

Author: John

Ep 629 – Healing Coaching Scars

What happens when coaches lack awareness of the impact they have outside of sport? Every interaction a…

Author: John

Ep 593 – Barbell Sins Beginners Commit

“The expert in anything was once a beginner” The worst sin a coach can commit against their…

Author: John

The Dave Grohl Effect

I remember when I started lifting weights. I was in such a hurry to be strong I…

Author: John

Teaching the Power Clean on Bedrock

Let’s kickoff a series of articles to empower coaches incorporating the Power Clean for their non-weightlifter athletes….

Author: Donald Ricci

Getting Started with Bedrock

Bedrock is a performance program designed for beginners without the bullshit. Start an athlete on Bedrock when…

Author: Carl Case

Bedrock Reset Guidelines

If you are like me, 8 years ago I was searching for a program that would help…

Author: Carl Case

Power Athlete’s Speed Program

Speed is the most coveted performance trait and for good reason. If you are fast enough you can…

Author: John

Why Percentages Don’t Work

Just kidding, they do, but if you’re basing you or your clients’ training off percentages of a…

Author: Levi Garrett