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Ep 667 – Gridiron to Grindstone

Leadership is the ability to inspire and lift… heavy. Former Army and NFL Fullback, Collin Mooney, joins…

Author: John

Ep 663 – LEO Training for the Unknowable

Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are. Power Athlete has been providing training…

Author: John

Ep 641 – Rec BJJ Athlete Strength Training

Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, it enhances anyone’s physical potential. The cult of Jui Jitsu is taking…

Author: John

Ep 633 – Returning to Training After Time Off

How to eliminate the excuses and get back on track. For some the uphill suck fest of…

Author: John

Ep 619 – Sharpen Your Axe on Grindstone

Discover how to take control of your training when life demands get in the way. Grindstone, Power…

Author: John

Ep 581 – Life is a Grindstone, Find the Right Training Program

“Designed for a Fortune 500 CEO with a large workload, a family, and the desire to be…

Author: John

The Best Program You Aren’t Doing

Pop quiz hotshot: you’ve got five seconds to name some of Power Athlete’s most popular and well-known…

Author: Carl Case