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Dynamic Movement Prep

Ep 527 – Recovery and Readiness with Kelly Starrett

Level 99 Supple Leopard This week we welcome the Supple Leopard himself, that’s right, Kelly Starrett joins…

Author: Cali Hinzman

Why Your Trunk Can NEVER Be Stable

Core stabilization is a marketing fad aimed at profiting off the 90 billion dollar a year low…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Pain: Why Won’t it Go Away?

As we learned in Power Athlete Episode – 251 with Adriaan Louw, working with athletes in pain…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Pain: This Shit is Complicated

Did you know that the US healthcare system spends approximately two billion dollars a year on the…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Coach Needs a Coach: Dynamic Functional Mobility

“…the brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind…

4 Magic Movements to Fix Your Squat

There is a wrong way to squat. And you’re probably doing it wrong. Determining right vs. wrong…

CrossFit Regionals 2015 Warm Up Protocol: Individuals

We don’t lift weights to warm up, we warm up to lift weights. The days of the…

Planes, Axes and Primal Movements

One of the first things covered (and equally forgotten) in any anatomy book are the planes of…