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John Welbourn

Why Your Trunk Can NEVER Be Stable

Core stabilization is a marketing fad aimed at profiting off the 90 billion dollar a year low…

Author: Matthew Zanis

The Dave Grohl Effect

I remember when I started lifting weights. I was in such a hurry to be strong I…

Author: John

The Holistic Athlete Movement Readiness (HAMR) Program

The Holistic Athlete Movement Readiness program (HAMR) was designed in response to working with the United States…

Author: John

How To Build 20 Inch Arms in 5 Weeks

In a perfect world, the easiest way to get 20 inch arms is to start with 19…

Author: John

Triphasic Training on Field Strong’s French Contrast Cycle

This is not Field Strong’s first rodeo with French Contrast. John and I tested Cal Dietz’s Triphasic…

My ACL Journey by John Welbourn

I have had a long time to meditate on my ACL journey. It starts as a spry…

Author: John

The Crew’s Essential Lockdown Listening 

It’s a bittersweet time here at Power Athlete. While it appears that lockdowns all over the world…

Author: Luke Summers

Coach Like a Pro, Not Like a “System Guy”

In the world of performance it’s common practice for a coach to label themselves as a system…

Author: Don Ricci

Training For Sport Is Training For War

The new physical training test will require a complete change in the way Soldiers execute their daily Physical Training activities. Instead of practicing their push ups and sit-ups and holding the current standard on the run, Soldiers will be required to train to be stronger, faster, and better movers.

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 260: John Welbourn

slay life Creator of Power Athlete and NFL veteran, J Welly [@JohnWelbourn] takes questions from Luke and…

Author: Cali Hinzman