Vertical Jump


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Vertical Jump

Ep 513 – Stop Comparing Your Kid to Professional Athletes

In this episode the Crew dials the voicemail to answer a question from a loyal Power Athlete…

Ep 438 – The Lost Art of Plyometric Programming

In this episode the Crew dials the voicemail to answer a question from a loyal Power Athlete…

Author: Cali Hinzman

PA Radio – Episode 249: Dr Bryan Mann

Dr Bryan Mann brings the science, application, context, rhythm and rhyme to training power and reducing injury!
Power Athlete Radio – Episode 249

Author: Cali Hinzman

PA Radio – Episode 214: Derek Woodske

 Small town, big talent. This week we feature our conversation with Derek Woodske [@DerekWoodske], NCAA All American…

Author: Cali Hinzman

Plyometric Training: Preparation

The Power Athlete Plyometric Series has been steadily progressing and building a solid foundation for plyometric program implementation.  We…

Plyometric Training: Assessment

Plyometric training is frequently met with strong opposition, especially within high school and CrossFit communities.  Many of these…

Plyometric Training: Jumping

Part 1 of Power Athlete’s Plyometric Training series introduced many issues with the plyometric practices of today….

Power Ankle

Standard anatomical textbook approach to our body’s joints is to identify the action; flexion, extension and rotation;…

The Vertical Jump Performance Window

For every fallacy that exists at the high school level of strength and conditioning, there is one…