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Train Fast, Be Fast with Field Strong’s Potentiation Cycle

The Potentiation Cycle of Field Strong will lean heavily on the fundamentals of Power Athlete programming for…

Third Monkey – FREE At Home Programming

As the CoViD-19 crisis unfolds, you can follow our Third Monkey program for FREE from the safety of your home with $50 worth of items from Home Depot.

Author: Luke Summers

Meal Prep like a Pro! A 2,400 Cal Breakfast Casserole

Carve out 45 minutes to prep & bake 2,400 calories of a protein packed breakfast casserole! Hate reading? Then just watch 6 min video.

Author: Luke Summers

The Magic behind Jacked Street’s PUMP Cycle

Big things are popping on Jacked Street. In a literal sense, Jacked Street is one of our…

Author: Luke Summers


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Battle the Bullshit: Training Overhead with Throwing Athletes – Part 1

There are no bad movements – just poor understanding, shitty implementation, and even worse execution.  Just because…

Author: Don Ricci

The Turkey to End All Bird-Bans

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, which means, for many of you novice chefs out there, you’re…

Author: Luke Summers

Fast Weeknight Bison Stir Fry

Here is a quick and easy recipe that I use for weeknight dinners. I’ll get this meal…

Author: Luke Summers

Training Foot Health: Shoes are the Devil!

Major shoe companies have done an effective job marketing the message that all shoes are designed to…

Author: Matthew Zanis


Pro help for pro results, delivered via the TrainHeroic app.

Training Foot Health: Kinetic Chain

Have you ever returned home from a long day at work, feet aching, and all you can…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Speed 101: Patterning

The arm swing is extremely important when working on speed development, because it has a direct effect…

Author: Carl Case

Battle The Bullshit: Conditioning Test

A strength and conditioning coach, by nature, should be able to take an athlete’s performance beyond what…

Nerding Out on the Power Athlete Leaning Protocol

Like many coaches and trainers that have come before me, I haven’t always been as attentive to…

Author: Jeremy Weber