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Ep 544 – Microdosing Athleticism w/ Cory Schlesinger & Zack Zillner

Strength training is coordination training against a resistance. The only thing better than an in-person podcast guest?…

Author: John

Ep 541 – FocusCalm Technology with Max Newlon

Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight….

Author: John

Ep 539 – Mental and Physical Recovery with Brian Peters

The whole future lies in uncertainty… Live Immediately Brian Peters’ career in various professional football leagues is…

Author: John

Ep 536 – A Different Generation w/ Andy Stumpf

Success is based on your perspective. Sure, this week’s guest has seen some shit and done some…

Author: John

Ep 533 – Fighting, Guns, and Gunfighting with Jeff Gonzales & Craig Douglas

Para bellum If you’re looking for some practical combat and communication skills for law enforcement, undercover, and/or…

Author: John

Powerlifters Are Pot Smokers

It’s human nature to jump to conclusions based on prior experience. Though the bark of a dog…

Author: Jim Davis

Ep 530 – Fast and Furious, IndyCar Driver Conor Daly

Shake & Bake! IndyCar driver, Conor Daly, likens a typical race to a fight. The exhaustion of…

Author: John

Ep 526 – Olympic Mindset & Mentorship w/ Justin Kavanaugh

People who surround themselves with better people are automatically going to make better decisions. Most coaches will…

Author: John