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Battling the Bullshit: Accountability

Accountability isn’t an option. Each new sunrise we are faced with choices. Some are harder than others….

Author: Matthew Zanis

EP 324 – Pat Ivey & the Nuances of Collegiate Coaching

Dr Pat is Leaving a Legacy This week’s guest, Pat Ivey [@DrCoach_PatIvey] has been around the collegiate…

Author: John

The Day One Size Up

A brand new athlete, regardless of age or experience, comes in wanting to train with you for…

Author: Donald Ricci

EP 321 – The End of Killing with Taser Founder Rick Smith

The Future of Less Lethal Do you have a fever?…And the only cure is more PA Radio?…

Author: John

EP 317 – Dr Jannell MacAulay Challenges Military Norms

Commanding Excellence Retired USAF Lt Colonel, Dr Jannell MacAulay [@macaulayjc] is no stranger to high stress environments….

Author: John

The Mental Energy Systems of a Coach

If I were to ask all of Power Athlete nation right now to name the three physical…

Author: Donald Ricci

EP 315 – Alan Stein Jr Obsesses Over High Performers

Training Discomfort Imagine you get the opportunity to be Kobe Bryant’s performance coach during his hayday. This…

Author: John

Dedicate to Filling Your Holes

Coaching is more than just a job – it’s a vocation. As such, you must be willing…

Author: Donald Ricci

Battle Your Own Bullshit: The Process

Welcome to the third and final instalment of Battling Your Own Bullshit; we’ve reached the end, but…

Author: James Coutts